Public Health Alumni Mentorship Program continues to be highly successful

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MPH Mentorship Vanessa Campos and Bianca Alba
Vanessa Campos and Bianca Alba

Vanessa Campos and Bianca Alba agree that their partnership was highly successful and a tribute to how worthwhile mentorship is. They are one of the latest pairings in the Mason Public Health Mentor Program. Campos is in the Master of Public Health (MPH) program at Mason and Alba, Campos’s mentor, is a Public Health Analyst at the Health Resources and Services Administration in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.  

During the 2021-2022 academic year, the College of Public Health launched the Mason Public Health Mentor Program. The program, organized by Assistant Director of Academic Programs for GCH Kelly Beckwith, was implemented to increase students’ confidence to navigate the career market after graduation. Alumni and prospective graduates are paired to provide students with career guidance and professional development. 

Alba was grateful to be able to provide the support she wishes she had as a new graduate.  

“I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for the countless mentors that I have had in my lifetime,” Alba said. “One of the most rewarding aspects of being Vanessa’s mentor was that I was able to provide tools for her that I wish I had when I was in her shoes.” 

Participants in the Mentorship Program felt a noticeable increase in career-related confidence, according to a survey. After completing the program 88% of participants felt very confident to be able to utilize networking connections to obtain job leads, which is twice as high as before the program. 

The program also allows students to form additional connections.  

“I connected her with one of my sorority sisters who happened to work with the organization she was interning for. That was another rewarding part of this experience, being able to help my mentee create networks beyond myself,” said Alba.  

Beckwith is excited to continue to grow the mentorship program.