Return from Suspension

The university’s minimum standard for satisfactory academic achievement is 2.00 on a 4.00 scale. Students with at least 7 attempted credits and a cumulative GPA of less than 2.00 fall into one of three categories: warning, probation, and suspension. The cumulative GPA range that defines each of the categories varies according to the credit level, and can be found in the University Catalog, specifically in section AP.5.2.3 Student Retention Categories.

Upon Notification of Suspension

College of Public Health students who receive notice of suspension should meet with their academic advisor prior to the suspension period to review the process of how to return from suspension and to learn about the resources available to them. Prior to return, students are encouraged to complete the Academic Skills Certificate Program through Learning Services. Academic Skills Workshops are offered throughout the academic year.

Preparing to Return from Suspension

College of Public Health students planning to return to Mason after a suspension should meet with their academic advisor at least one month prior to the start of the semester in which they plan to return. When making the appointment, please indicate that it is to discuss returning from suspension so that the advisor can prepare by communicating some important information prior to the appointment and can block off enough time, usually one hour. Please come to the advising session prepared to discuss the following:

  • what caused your academic difficulty that led to your suspension;
  • what you have been doing during the time you have been away from Mason;
  • what your intended major will be and what your goals are for the future;
  • an outline of steps you will take to achieve academic success, and in particular, what you will do differently to be successful;
  • a proposed class schedule for the upcoming semester (maximum of 13 credits);
  • whether or not you plan to be employed while attending college; if so, please provide your work schedule.

Students will work with their academic advisor to create a plan to help ensure that they will be successful upon return to Mason.