Advisory Board

Advisory Board Mission and Purpose

The purpose of the Advisory Board is to: 

  • Advise and assist the Dean of the College of Public Health in development and marketing opportunities
  • To serve as advocates (“ambassadors”) for the College mission, core values, and diverse academic programs
  • To advise the Dean on emerging business trends that will likely affect future academic, research, and co-curricular priorities and programs
  • To participate on Advisory Board Committees or working groups, and on special projects designed to advance the strategic priorities and strategic plan of the College
    Advisory Board
    The Advisory Board advises the Dean in development and outreach opportunities as well as emerging trends that shape academia. [Pictured: 2019 Advisory Board Members]


  • To support the Dean in creating outreach programs and collaborative partnerships within the University and with the external community that ultimately benefit the College and its graduate and undergraduate programs
  • Identify, contact, and cultivate potential financial supporters and new members of the Advisory Board

Meet the College's Advisory Board Members

Advisory Board Responsibilities

  • Term: The membership term is an initial two-year term. At the discretion of the Dean and the Advisory Board Chair, Board members may be asked to serve additional one-year or two-year terms. The Advisory Board Chair and Vice Chair serve a two-year term following the appointment by the Dean. The Dean may also reappoint the Chair and Vice Chair for an additional two-year term.

  • Meetings and time commitment: Meetings are held at least three times a year, and special meetings may also be called by the Dean, the Advisory Board Chair, or at least one-third of the Advisory Board members. Members are expected to be present at meetings, whether in person or via videoconference.

  • Financial commitment: Members are required to support the College through corporate and/or personal charitable gifts.

  • Conflicts of interest: Members are expected to notify the Dean and Chair of any potential, real, or perceived conflicts of interest, and sign a conflict of interest form annually.

Advisory Board Roles


The Advisory Board is led by the Board’s Chair and Vice Chair. This role is appointed by the Dean of the College with advice from the Advisory Board members. The Chair presides over all the meetings in the Board and coordinates the agenda for each meeting with the Dean and his/her staff. The Chair also provides oversight of all committees’ activities and projects.

Vice Chair

The Advisory Board is led by the Board’s Chair and Vice Chair. In the absence of the Chair, the Vice Chair presides over meetings and is responsible for the oversight of all the Committees’ activities and projects.


There are currently three committees of the Advisory Board: Communications and Outreach, Development, and Membership. Membership on committees is voluntary and open to any interested Board member and agreed to by the Chair. Each Committee member is expected to participate by actively attending meetings and supporting the committee’s goals. Committees consist of at least three Advisory Board members, who brief the Dean and the appropriate staff on committee findings and recommendations.


Members are expected to be engaged and support Advisory Board goals and activities, through their contribution of time and financial resources. They serve as ambassadors for the College, offer advice and counsel, and remain connected with the work between meetings, as requested.

Advisory Board Documents

To learn more about joining the Board, please contact Ashley Grammick, assistant to the dean at