Study Abroad

Mason's Global Education Office offers an array of opportunities for students who wish to enhance their education by studying in another country. In order to be considered for this special privilege, students must plan well in advance and meet the following criteria:

  • A cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher at Mason.
  • Complete the required study abroad processes and forms completely, obtain all required signatures and course equivalencies, and meet all deadlines for the application process.
  • Specific study abroad programs may have higher academic standards, and students must meet all eligibility requirements.

Steps for requesting to study abroad

  1. Identify a program through Mason's Global Education Office.
  2. Review and follow their step-by-step process.
  3. Select courses from the study abroad program and begin the course equivalency research process.
    1. The Global Education Office may have a course equivalency matrix, depending on the institution.
    2. Obtain catalog course descriptions from the study abroad institution.
    3. Obtain catalog course descriptions from Mason’s catalog.
    4. Make sure to select primary and alternate courses; alternate courses are needed in case course selection is limited.
  4. Meet with academic advisor to verify course equivalencies and degree requirements.
  5. Obtain signatures from the appropriate department for all courses requested.
  6. Obtain the signature of your advisor.
  7. Obtain the signature of your Global Education Office program officer.
  8. Submit the request to the CPH Office of Student Affairs for final review and approval from the Assistant Dean.

Tips for College of Public Health students

  • Students must identify courses abroad that are directly equivalent to courses at Mason and applicable to their degree, unless they wish to study abroad to earn elective credit that might not apply toward their degree.
  • If a class sounds health-themed or related to a CPH major, it doesn't necessarily mean that it can apply to a CPH degree. The department that offers the course must review and approve it.
  • Students sometimes take a part-time load at their study abroad location and take up to 6 credits of online courses through Mason to reach full-time status.
  • Study abroad programs often begin at different times than Mason’s academic calendar. You are responsible for both academic calendar due dates and deadlines if you are enrolled at an institution overseas and Mason online classes at the same time.
  • Students are responsible for knowing add/drop and selective withdrawal deadlines and policies of both institutions
  • Students are responsible for knowing academic policies as they relate to earning passing grades that will transfer to Mason from their study abroad experience.
  • In the event that a pre-approved course is cancelled after a student has arrived at the institution abroad, the student must communicate with the Global Education Office for guidance on choosing a replacement course. It is not guaranteed that the new course will meet a specific program course requirement and will likely only transfer back into Mason as an elective.

Mason Korea

If are looking for an opportunity to study at Mason’s Korea campus you’ll have the opportunity to work on the completion of your Mason Core and general electives. Learn more about studying at Mason Korea here.