Declare an Undergraduate Program

Please review the Requirements for Undergraduate Programs found in the University Catalog before making any program changes or declarations.

Declaring a Major, Concentration, or Second Major

To declare a major of community health, health administration, pre-nursing, rehabilitation science, or social work, contact the Office of Student Affairs (703-993-1901) to schedule an appointment with an academic advisor who will provide information on program information, required courses, and involvement opportunities for students in the major.

Provided that you are in good academic standing, the advisor will sign the Change/Declaration of Academic Program Form, which is found on the Registrar’s website, and will advise you on appropriate classes for your next semester. This form is also used to declare a concentration within a major and to declare a second major.

A student cannot declare nursing as a major using this form. Admission to the nursing program involves a competitive application process, and until admitted, students wanting to pursue a BSN degree at Mason are considered to be pre-nursing students. Information about the admissions standards and application process can be found on the BSN Admissions page.

If you are currently majoring in a CPH program and want to change to a different major outside of our college, schedule a change of major appointment with your new major department. If you are uncertain of what major you want to declare, contact the Center for Academic Advising, Retention and Transitions.

Declaring a Minor or an Undergraduate Certificate

Use the Minor Declaration Form to declare a minor within CPH and the Change/Declaration of Academic Program Form to enroll in an undergraduate certificate. Both forms are found on the Registrar’s website. Then visit our academic advising page to find the name and contact information for the advisor for your intended minor or certificate program. Schedule an appointment with the appropriate advisor, who can sign the form and provide you with information about the program requirements.

Removing an Undergraduate Program

To remove a program of study from your record (e.g., a minor that was previously declared but that you no longer wish to complete), submit the Delete Program Request Form found on the Registrar’s website.