Returning undergraduate students who have been away from Mason for at least three calendar years may petition to have up to 16 previous credits earned at Mason removed from the calculation of their cumulative GPA. The petition for clemency must be filed within 12 months starting from the first day of the re-enrollment semester at Mason. Clemency is neither automatic nor guaranteed, and if clemency is granted, the original grades and the notation “Academic Clemency,” will remain listed on the student’s transcript permanently. Courses and grades removed through clemency will not count toward graduation requirements.

Steps for requesting clemency

  1. Meet with your advisor to discuss the possibility of and the policies relating to clemency.
  2. Successfully complete at least 12 credit hours prior to petitioning for clemency.
  3. Type a personal statement that includes the date, your full name, and G# on the top of the page and addresses the following:
    • What caused your prior academic difficulty at Mason?
    • What you have been doing since you left Mason?
    • What your goals are for the future?
    • An outline of steps you will take to achieve academic success, and in particular, what you will do differently to be successful.
    • Whether you plan to be employed while attending college; if so, please provide your work schedule.
    • Why the College of Public Health should grant you academic clemency.
  4. Fill out the Petition for Clemency Form which can be obtained from your advisor.
  5. Submit the personal statement, Petition for Clemency Form, and a copy of your Patriot Web transcript to your advisor. Also include a letter of support from your department (if applicable). Clemency requests are reviewed by the CPH Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs.