Rising Health Care Leaders at Mason and MHA Alumnus Win Distinguished Quill Awards

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Image of Rehan Saeed with award beside of Maria Uriyo and Brenda Sheingold
Brenda Sheingold, Rehan Saeed, and Maria Uriyo 

Congratulations to the Rising Health Care Leaders at Mason (RHLM) student organization for receiving the Community Enrichment Award at Mason's Distinguished Quill Award Celebration. The award recognized RHLM for its efforts to enrich students' academic and professional prospects by organizing and planning networking events, such as the 2022 RHLM Symposium in March.

"I have observed tremendous growth and confidence amongst the RHLM organization's current leadership," said Maria Uriyo, assistant professor in the Department of Health Administration and Policy. "During the 2021 – 2022 academic year, the RHLM organized events that reinforced the importance of academic learning and addressed the individual differences of student learning. This was met by arranging in-person and virtual networking events with department faculty and industry health care leaders."

The Distinguished Quill Awards commend Mason leaders and organizations that have profoundly impacted the University's community.

In addition to RHLM winning the Community Enrichment Award, Rehan Saeed, RHLM's former president and a recent graduate of the Master of Health Administration (MHA) program, received the Mentor of the Year Award to honor his dedication to the student group's growth and professional development during his leadership.

"Rehan is an amazing mentor and has always been of great support for all our initiatives," said the current President of RHLM, Akshaya Chinnathevar Ramesh. "He is usually the first person to come in and stay until our event is complete, standing with us, encouraging, and motivating us. I strongly feel he deserved the 'Mentor of the Year' Award."

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