Social Work, Minor

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Dr. Daniel Freedman
Director, BSW Program

The minor in social work prepares students with an introduction to the social work profession and social welfare, as well as professional values, ethics, fields of practice, and settings in which social workers are employed. A minor in social work complements a major in nearly any field, including psychology, business, social sciences, or fine arts.

The 15-credit minor also explores human behavior in the family environment and current social policies and systems. Students may also choose electives on various topics, including alcohol and substance abuse, legal and ethical issues, child and family welfare, and gerontology.

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The minor in social work provides students who are interested in the field with some of the basic knowledge, values, and ethics which generalist social workers use to practice. A minor in social work can enhance any program of study, and often provides students with a broader understanding of the profession and how it may enhance the work of other helping professions.