Farrokh Alemi, PhD


Dr. Farrokh Alemi was trained as an operations researcher and industrial engineer and has worked in both academia and health industry. He maintains patents on (1) sentiment analysis, (2) measurement of episodes of illness and (3) personalized medicine. He has more than 125 peer reviewed publications in journals such as Health Services Research, Medical Care, eClinicalMedicine and Palliative Medicine. His research focuses on causal analysis of massive data available in electronic health records. This research has required balancing of data to remove confounding prior to estimating causal impact of interventions. His publications have contributed to predictive medicine, precision medicine, comparative effectiveness of medications, sentiment analysis, natural language processing, risk adjusted analysis of cost effectiveness, causal networked models, identifying trajectories of diseases, and predicting prognosis of patients with multiple morbidities. Alemi maintains a decision aid for selection of antidepressants at http://MeAgainMeds.com. Alemi is the author of Multi-Morbidity index, used in management of polypharmacy patients. He has worked with diverse groups of patients including children, nursing home residents and patients with diabetes, major depression, heart failure, anemia, hypertension, trauma, drug abuse, and other diseases. In addition, Alemi was a pioneer in online management of patients and has provided Congressional testimony on role of Internet in health delivery. He is the author of a book on decision analysis and another on policy systems and a third on application of process improvement to personal health. A fourth book, on causal statistical analysis, was published in 2020.


Research Interests

  • Causal analysis of massive data in electronic health records, including Bayesian Probability Networks
  • Predictive and personalized medicine
  • Trajectory of diseases and prognosis of patients with multiple comorbidities
  • Precision medicine and comparative effectiveness of medications
  • Online management of patients, including online counseling
  • Balanced (propensity matched) analysis of cost effectiveness of interventions
  • Use of data mining, natural language processing, and artificial intelligence in health services research


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Select Veterans Affairs Projects

"Analysis of VA Data Warehouse to Evaluate cost and impact of medical foster home program," Denver Veteran Affairs Medical Center. October 2011–September 2017. Role: Investigator. $850,000.

"Predictors of Diabetes," New York University. October 2016–October 2017. Role: Principal Investigator. $40,000.

"Analysis of VA Data Warehouse to Establish Impact of Racial Disparities on Readmission Rate," VA Office of Equity. October 2014–October 2015. Role: Investigator. $120,000.

"Analysis of VA Data Warehouse to Establish Comparative effectiveness of diabetes medication," Washington DC Medical Center of the Veteran Administration. October 2010–October 2011. Role: Investigator. $100,000.

Department of Defence Funded Project

"Enhance the Department of Defense Worldwide Syndrome Surveillance System," Department of Defense, Force Health Protection and Readiness, W74V8H-04-D-0024. April 2008–August 2009. Role: Investigator. $250,000.

NIH Funded Project

"Developing and Testing a Computer-Based Alcohol Use Disorder Recovery System," National Institute of Alcohol Abuse & Alcoholism, 5R01 AA017192-02. September 2009–August 2010. Role: PI of subcontract to Georgetown. $3,000,000.

"System Change for Exercise Maintenance in Older Cardiac Patients," National Institute of Heart Lung and Blood, R01 HL084767, September 2006–September 2010. Role: Co-investigator. $2,700,000.

"Extended case management of cocaine addicted pregnancy," National Institute of Drug Abuse, R18 DAO913. September 1992–September 1995. Role: Principal Investigator. $1,144,705.

"Cost of Substance Abuse Treatment," National Institute of Drug Abuse, 9802247300. October 2000–October2003. Role: Co-investigator. $213,095 for the subcontract to Alemi.

"National Capital Region Critical Infrastructure Project," The National Institute of Standards and Technology. March 2004–March 2005. Role: Principal Investigator of Subcontract. $80,000 for the subcontract to Alemi.

Other Funded Projects

"Organization of a health Informatics Program for George Washington’s School of Public Health," George Washington University. September 2000–March2001. Role: Principal Investigator. $42,000.

"Reimbursement Policy for Online Substance Abuse Treatment," Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, 041106. January 2001–December 2004. Role: Principal Investigator. $350,573.


  • PhD, Industrial and Systems Engineering, University of Wisconsin, Madison
  • MS, System Analysis, University of Wisconsin, Madison
  • BS, Industrial Engineering, University of Wisconsin, Madison